Doing your own Repairs ......

It's worthwhile taking a quick look at a fully restored Sheaffer Snorkel (it could be any other fountain pen brand or model) and then looking at the number of parts involved in the make-up of that pen. How did that same pen model come apart? Where does one find the parts that need to be replaced and how does one put it back together again? The fact is that fountain pens are pretty complicated 'tools'. They have to be in perfect condition to work correctly and that is not always an easy task. One cannot just grab an ordinary pair of pliers and pull them apart. It takes time and patience ... and experience to do it correctly.

The point is not to discourage one from undertaking the repair of their own writing instruments rather to make one aware that they are rather remarkable pieces of 'machinery' and their repair cannot be taken lightly. One can break a pen, while intending to repair it, very easily. The professionals will tell you that. At the same time learning how to do your own repairs can be fun and a rewarding experience and that should be encouraged...........


Arthur Twydle' Website

Richard Binder an excellent source for repair information on all areas of pen repairs

John Mottishaw an excellent article on pen cleaning and maintenance

Nathan Tardiff has a very good article on repairing Sheaffer Snorkels

Pen Sac Company source for pen sacs (the largest selection) and a great listing of the sacs needed for different pens .... so you use the correct one rather than one you think fits.

Woodbin - another good source for both fountain pen sacs and other repair supplies and tools

Pendemonium has a great supply of pen repair materials

The Pendragons has a good supply of materials need for doing your own repairs

Vintage Pens David Nishimuris article on "Pen Repairs- Do's and Dont's" is well worth consulting as well as his resource articles: Pen Repairs -Basics, Use and Care