Tools and Advice (sources) for Repairing a Pen

(a listing of some of the tools required for repairing pens).

Knock-out Block

Used for removing a nib and feed from the section. One has to make sure that the "rod" that is being employed is not larger than the diameter of the section. Various models are available and this tool can be made at home using a wooden block (as long as correct sizes are used).

Pen Sacs

The most often repair needed for pens, particularly vintage pens, is to replace a dried out sac.. The Pen Sac Company has a great list of the sacs to fit most pens (which can be printed out). They, along with Woodbin are the best sources for sacs. Woodbin also manufactures silicone sacs which for very little extra are far more resistent to the problems of affecting the colour of pen barrels.

Orange Shellac

Not just any shellac ... ORANGE shellac for fastening pen sacs on the pen section.

Section Holders

Often two of these are usefuly in assisting in separating a barrel and a section. Care must be exercised in their use because squeezing too tightly can break and or mar a barrel.

Polishing Cloths

There are many polishes available for pens but one must be careful of the effect they have, long term, on many 'plastic/celluoid materials that bodies are made of.. More often than not a great cleaning cloth is the best thing there is and all it requires is some effort to achieve that new pen look. The Sunshine cloth is best on metal pens and parts.


Small Hammer

(here pictured with a knock-out block of a different design) ... for knocking out sections.


Dental Picks

Many types, straight, curved et al are usefuly for cleaning out the remains of old sacs from a pen barrel. They have many uses and a good set of 'picks' is almost a necessity.

Sac Spreader

Not always a necessary tool but it can greatly aide in putting a sac onto a section in many circumstances.



Inner Cap Depth Tool

A Most valuable repair aide. Too often nibs are reset into sections, inserted into caps and the nibs point is hitting the end of the cap. This little instrument helps avoid what could be an expensive problem.


Ink Nix

Probably the best product for getting rid of ink stains that is available for one's hands. It leaves then clean - inkless and most other products do not seem to be able to match it in that catagory. Amodex is better for clothes.

The products that a restorer can turn to when the work is done.