Canadian Pen Sellers


Charals ...has been in businees for 25 years snd has a knowledgeable staff in writing instruments as well as a large selection of pens and very spacious interior.



Perks the Home of the Vancouver Pen Club Perks is a great pen store with a wide selection of writing instruments and a staff that makes you feel important and that your needs are important.




Vancouver Pen is highly rated as having both an experienced staff with 'amazing product knowledge'. The staff is likewise helpful and will spend time with customers to assist them in finding the pen that will best satisfy their needs. One is allowed to 'try out the pens' and to try different inks to find the colour that will best suit their needs. In business for over a quarter of a century Vancouver Pen was the first pen store to carry Montblanc Pens.



Simpy the Best is not 'simply a 'pen shop 'however it has an excellent selection of pens and inks as well as an informed and esperience staff who enjoy 'talking writing instruments' and are willing to spend time with clientele who are fountain pen users. Well worth the visit if you are in Victoria.


57 West Hastings Street
Tel: (604) 689-3497


5844 Cambie Street
(Between 43 and 42 Avenue)
Tel: (604) 266-3911

Vancouver Pen

512 Hastings ST. W.,
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1L6


Vancouver Island B.C.. : Victoria

Simply the Best
1008 Broad Street
Victoria, B.C


Charals (Interior)

Charals Pen Shop



Perks (Window)



(Front) Vancouver Pen





(Exterior) Simply the Best


Stylus Fine Pens Store in Edmonton is what every fountain pen user wants in a pen establishment. They have a superb selection of the best fountain pen manufacturers backed up by a very wide and varied choice of Ink labels and multiple colour choices from each. It is an independent pen dealership which is |dedicated to providing quality service and quality products to its customers."




Reids Stationers
has Montblanc, Parker, Faber-Castell, Cross and Lamy to wet the whistle of every pen user. Not only that the names of Moleskin, Rhodia, Papyrus and Crane present themselves as willing partners to the fountain pen user. Papers that will stand up to the needs of the ink that flows from their writing instrument. While not merely a 'pen store' do not let the name '... stationers' lead you astray. An great source for the fountain pen user in Calgary.


Stylus Fine Pens
10538 102 Avenue; Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Tel: 780.421.0191 | Fax: 780.420.1401


Reid's Stationers
710 17th Avenue S/W
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 229-4400e-mail:





Phidon Pens ... Cambridge:

Baldeep and Mano Duggal are most enjoyable pen sellers to work with and purchase writing instruments, paper, inks, and leather goods and materials from.

Most of the major pen companies are represented in their store (Aurora, Acme, Carand 'Ache, Delta, Ducatti, Dunhill, Franklin Cristoph, Parker, Pelikan Faber-Castell, Visconti, Delta, Marlen, Montegrappa, Omas, Waterman etc.). Baldeep and Mano have an excellent knowledge of their products. They make purchasing a pen an enjoyable experience and want to be sure that you are happy with the pen before you purchase it encouraging you to "try it out" so that pen and nib are perfect for you.

Their selection of inks is impressive as they carry Private Reserve, Watermans, Parkers, Noodlers, Sailor, Delta, Sheaffer, Caren D'Ache, Pelikan, Visconti, Lamy and Faber-Castell to name a few.

The selection of paper goods is no less impressive with an great selection of Amalfi, Cliarfontaine, Rhodia, White Lines etc..

Members of the London Pen Club frequent this store regularly and if you are lucky a cup of tea might well accompany your visit which makes it more like visiting friends than being in a store.

Highly recommended.




Peel Pen Shop i
n London was the breeding grounds for the London Pen Club. 'Once upon a time' there were 3 - 5 pen collectors who would show up at Peel Pen as it opened on Saturday mornings and sit around a very small table and ... well talk pens, play with ones discovered recently or evaluate the newest to arrive in the store. Eventually the store closed and those individuals were determined to carry on that love of Saturday morns and writing instruments. They formed a club and soon ... they came (new members).

If for no other reason Peel Pen has be considered one of the 'noted" pen shops in Canada ... fostering not only a love of pens but providing space and time for early members of this club.

John Culmer still operates Peel Pen on the internet selling pens and providing a repair service.

"Today, Peel Pen Shop (London) Inc .is the only remaining full time, independent repair and restoration facility in Canada servicing customers throughout North America". John is an experienced and excellent at pen repairs.


Sleuth and Statesman is a pen shop that appeals to collectors who appreciate fine pens and service that matches. Fine leathers are there to be appreciated, a cigar shop that has the best that exist and owners that enjoy them and pens. The very best from dealers ranging the gamut from Lamy to the Viscontis, Omas, Deltas and so many more. However the thing that makes this shop worth the visit is the service provided by the owners Murtaza and Akil both of whom have had a long love affair with fine writing and fine pens. Murtaza has a passion for broad oblique nibs and has been passionate about them for decades almost convincing me to purchase one after seeing him write with it. He was also an early funder and promoter of pens for kids in the schools and saw to it that some schools were the receipients of his program.
Should you be in Toronto, make sure to visit Sleuth and Statesman.




Laywines in the Yorkville shopping district of Toronto, stocks a wide range of writing instruments, fountain pen inks, and hard to find pen and roller ball refills. They also have a large selection of organizers and papers.

Peter Laywine is a most engaging and helpful authority on fountain pens and he willingly spends time with pen enthusiasts to make sure they have the pen they want with the nib they need encouraging one to try out different nibs to find the one that most suits them. Dont miss visiting Laywines when you are in Toronto.






The Montblanc Boutiquewas opened in the late 1990's by Wayne Kingsland. He and his staff offer great survice, in the Montblanc tradition and are very proud of their product.. And they treat their stock with care! The store offers the complete range of Montblanc products and are more than willing to assist customers in finding and trying the pen and nib that will give them the greatest pleasure.
The M.B. store is only about 2 blocks from Laywines so visiting these two great pen stores can be done with little effort.


Phidon Pens
63 Dickson Street
Cambridge, Ontario
(519) 624-8787











Peel Pen Shop (on-line)









Sleuth & Statesman
130 King St.,
York, ON M9N1L5
Phone: 416.363-7575
Toll-free: 1.866.835.7575





25 Bellair
Toronto, Ontario M5R 3L3
Tel: (416) 921-7131







151 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5S 1S4
Tel: (416) 925-4810
1(800) 388-4810
Web Site:


















Sleuth and Statesman

Akil and Murtaza




Laywines Entance






Papeterie Nota Bene has a number of shops in Quebec and for those who write with fountain pens and love great paper it is well worth a visit. Here is a comment by one loyal fan:"Upon moving to Montreal, one of my first orders of business was to scout out stationery and art supply stores.  As fortune would have it, our temporary housing was right down the street from this phenomenal store.  They boast high quality paper products and fine writing implements, as well as excellent customer service and a cozy atmosphere where you are free to browse to your hearts content.  Nota Bene, you have a new regular customer."



Le Boutique de Stylo has a number of locations in the province of Quebec and all are worth visiting. They carry are large selection of writing instruments as well as inks, refills and papers. The store is very active on the internet and have been used by members of the LPClub for purchases of both ink and pens with very satisfactory results. They have numerous locations in Quebec both in Montreal and Quebec City and its neighbout Laval Quebec.







Papeterie Nota Bene
3416 Avenue du Parc
rue Sherbrooke St.
Montreal Quebec





Promenade Level, Simons complex Metro Stop:Laval
977 rue St. Catherine Quest
Montreal, Quebec H3B 4W3







Laval Location

Quebec City


Duly Noted Stationary carries an good selection of fountian pens including Waterman, Parker and Lamy. They also stock a good selection of Moleskin and other journals. Duly Noted stationary gets very solid reviews from fountain pen customers who have visited the store.

Duly Noted Stationary
1455 Brenton St.
Halifax Nova Scotia

Duly Noted Stationary