The Cambridge Pen Club is a group of pen aficionados with a mutual love for fountain pens, inks, paper (much the same as the rest of us) who gather for Breakfast the 3rd Saturday of each month at a local resturant. They have no official web site.


... describe themselves as being "a casual group that meet monthly to discuss Pens, trade stories, try paper and inks, and enjoy the occasional libation of choice.  Although most of our member’s primary interest is fountain pens,  all manner of writing instruments, related materials, and penmanship are acceptable topics".
The club has an excellent Pen Databasewhich provides one with the specific details/measurements of a great many fountain pens.

The London Pen Club ...LPClub

(We had to include ourselves).

The club has existed for over a decade and meets every Saturday of the year at a local resturant.(Williams Fresh Coffee on Wonderland Rd. S.. See map on Meetings page).

Contact Us: e-mail

As well we have an excellent BLOG and are alive on TWITTER.

Ottawa Pen Society ...

Are a group of people who enjoy using, collecting, and repairing fountain pens. Shoud you be in Ottawa or the Capital region and would like to join them We are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada peruse website, read all “About Us”, or emailThey tend to meet on the last Tuesday of the month(not thr 4th Tuesday!), except for July, August and December.

They tend to meet on the last Tuesday of the month(not thr 4th Tuesday!), except for July, August and December.


Vancouver Pen Club ...

Meetings of the very active Vancouver Pen Club are held on the third Thursday of each month except for December at the local PERKS PEN STORE , 5844 Cambie Street, Vancouver, British Columbia. They can be reached at VANCOUVERPENCLUB@GMAIL.COm


The Arkansas Pen Club ... Since 1996

We are a group of ordinary people with an extraordinary passion for all things related to fountain pens. Our group is open to all people...from the lifelong collector to the beginner. Our collections are as varied as the individuals themselves, ranging from vintage to modern, American or foreign. If you have a fountain pen question, or looking for a particular pen, chances are, one of our members has the answer l

>At our club meetings, we encourage our members to bring pens for "show and tell" or "bring it and brag!" For the show this year, we have asked our members to bring items from their collection to display at the show.. In addition,  Brian Anderson of Anderson Pens and Kent Leichliter have offered to bring pens from their collections.  The result?  A fascinating collection of truly amazing fountain pens!

Our club also hosts the annual Little Rock Pen Show each spring. (The 2013 show will be March 8- 10,2013).


Baltimore Pen Society ...

The Baltimore Fountain Pen Society is an informal gathering of writing instrument enthusiasts in the Metro Baltimore area. It's easy to join—just show up at our next meeting. With a few exceptions, we meet at members' homes. Each year we hold a joint meeting with the DC Metro Fountain Pen Club during the Washington DC Fountain Pen Supershow.

What do we do at our meetings? We:

Enjoy :friendly fountain pen fellowship.

Show: acquisitions and discoveries

Tell: pen stories—the good, the bad and the ugly!

Play: with various pens and inks.

Some of us prefer vintage pens, some modern pens and still others are wild about both. Some of us are pen collectors and others are simply pen acquirers. Whichever category you fit into, if you love to write with, talk about and dream of fountain pens or other types of writing instrument, we hope you'll check us out.

Long Island Pen Club

We collect vintage to new FOUNTAIN PENS. We meet 35 minutes east of midtown Manhattan. Newbies are welcome. 

To thwart spammers, new members are moderated until after their first posting.

Meetings are FREE! Light refreshments are available.
We meet every 6 or 7 weeks on Wednesday nights at 8 pm. We chat, trade & show pens with occasional short presentations.

LOCATION: Panera Bread Cafe Carle Place Commons 165 Old Country Road, Carle Place, NY 11514

Michigan Pen Collectors ...

The Michigan Pen Collectors is one of the great pen clubs in the USA with members from both the state of Michigan and some from Ontario Canada. It is well known for the the pen show it puts on each fall. Many of its members were also original attendees at the first Ohio Pen Show and the Chicago. Some members are very well known in the pen community world wide. They pride themselves on helping new comers to the hobby of Pen Collecting to learn and expand their knowledge of pens and collecting.

One of their members, Ralph Stillwell was the originator of the PENS FOR KIDS movement within the world wide pen community.

Anyone interested in pens should contact the club.


Our organization exists to foster and maintain the integrity of pen collecting, promote the use of fountain pens, encourage and promote effective education, communications and understanding between all collectors, and define pen collecting as an international hobby. Members are interested in the history, manufacture and use of writing instruments. We strive to develop a spirit of camaraderie among the pen collecting community.

The PCA is the pre-emminent organization representing Fountain Pen Collectors in America. It is worth every collectors time to visit their website and support the efforts put forth for this hobby. One of those endevours has been the creation of Pens for Kids whose efforts were championed by a member of the Michigan Pen Collectors, Ralph Stillwell.

Fountain pens are strange and exotic things to the majority of children in the US today. My pens have attracted quizzical stares from the young and an outpouring of questions about just what that thing was I was using to write with! In my experience, children never fail to be fascinated by a fountain pen. (Sam Fiorella)

The PFK workshop facilitation guide can be found at this link: Pens for Kids Facilitators Guide

Video clips of Ralph Stillwell’s workshops at the “Pens and the Post” event can be found at the following links:

Philadelphia Pen Collectors Group

The Philadelphia Pen Collectors Group can also be reached via their pen blog:

The PPB: Philadelphia Pen Blog

Seattle pen club ... Seattle Pen Club

Somewhere In Seattle— A Pen Club? Oh Yes! The Seattle Pen Club is a gathering of fountain pen enthusiasts. We love and collect fountain pens, roller-balls and even mechanical pencils. A collection of connoisseurs of writing instruments. A group of garrulous groupies of the stylus. We meet every third Saturday of the month at 11am in the Friends Meeting Room at Third Place Commons in Lake Forest Park. If you have an interest in pens, come on over and join us. We are made up of old and young, new to pen collecting, veterans of the trade and just those that enjoy the history of pens and penmenship.

Their site also features some excellent pen photography by Bill Riepl.


The Southeast Pen Collectors' Club is dedicated to promoting the use, collection, and repair of fountain pens and writing instruments.

Meetings are held the first Sunday of each month (no meetings in January, July, and September) from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at (currently we don't have a permanent location) and are a combination of teaching, knowledge-sharing, and good fellowship. Programs cover a wide variety of topics of interest to collectors.

The club has a forum for memebers use but pen collectors can apply to be admitted.

Southern California Pen Collectors Club

Joining the local club involves a modest yearly fee used for stuff like postage & pizza at the meetings. The attendance is usually 20-40 or so from our 120 plus roster & visitors. Our meetings are held 4 to 5 times a year in the LA & Orange County area, usually at a member's home or some facilities made available to us.>History: Started back in 1987, the Southern California Pen Collectors Club is considered by some to be the precursor to the national club. the Pen Collectors of America. We have members of all ages & visitors come from around the globe. We all share interests in writing instruments, especially FOUNTAIN PENS, both vintage & new. Our meetings usually include a presentation & we always have lively discussions on usage, collecting, trading, buying & selling, tall tales of acquisition, plus repair / restoration techniques.

Our club's spiritual heart is the Fountain Pen Shop in Monrovia, located East of Pasadena. (Formerly the FPS of LA!) 3rd generation shop owner, Fred Krinke is a life long pen aficionado, treasure trove of pen knowledge and a master at repair/restoration so if you need to get a new found treasure or beloved favorite fixed, see Fred! They have a fine selection of new & vintage pens, too.

This is an excellent way to get in touch with the club and gain admission to their web presence.

Research Triangle Pen Club

The Triangle Pen Club was spawned from Deb Kinney's notepad.

In the summer of 1998, we decided to have a local vintage pen show, and the upper management at Sharon Luggage offered space at the store and a fair bit of print and radio advertising. We set up shop on a couple of tables. I probably had 20 Sheaffers and maybe half a dozen Vacumatics, Deb had some real pens. In a stroke of genius, Deb set a notepad down for interested people to sign up so we could start a club. A few months went by, but we had our first meeting February 21, 1999, at Elmo's, a local restaurant. We thought it would be empty. Ha! We barely had space to sit and compare notes.

Since then, we've met Sunday afternoons at the Regulator Bookstore in Durham, once every other month or so. Sometimes it's more frequent. We've had special meetings - like dinner with Tom Zoss when he came to town, and around the DC Pen Show so we could show off our new pens to each other.

Research Triangle Pen Club

The group is interesting and varied - all ages and backgrounds. We've often had themed meetings, like Renard teaching us how to refill rollerball cartridges or our big ink festival.

Clubs outside Canada and the USA

Writing Equipment Society ... WRITING EQUPMENT SOCIETY

The Writing Equipment Society grew from a group of enthusiasts who had two things in common – they were iterested in all the paraphernalia associated with the act of writing and they all patronized ‘His Nibs’, the fascinating shop belonging to Philip Poole in Drury Lane, London.

Philip had written informal newsletters to his customers and friends, pulling together a group which met in London in September 1980, to realise that they had the makings of a really worthwhile new society.

So it was, that on 30th November 1980, an inaugural meeting was held in the Bonnington Hotel, London, and the Writing Equipment Society was born.

The idea was to promote ownership, conservation, study and use of writing equipment – to record knowledge and share it with others.

Philip Poole’s pre-1980 newsletters have now been brought together and re-printed in one volume to celebrate our first 25 years (2005). These newsletters were the ‘foundation stones’ upon which the current WES Journal has been built.

Since 1980 the Society has built up a membership of around 500 – about 150 of whom are from overseas. Whilst fountain pens are the main interest of most members there are groups of varying size that are interested in everything connected with the world of writing from papers to inks; from writing slopes to slates; from stamp boxes to pencil boxes; from steel pen nibs to quill cutters – the list seems endless.

The WES Journal is published and distributed internationally in spring, summer and autumn and is widely respected for its informative style and substantial content. There are three members’ meetings each year offering a varied and interesting programme. The Annual Meeting is held in London in November.

Pen Club of India ...

There is, at present, no solid address for this site other than this site which appears to be soley sales. If so it will be deleted.


Israel Pen Club ...

(The following information is an extract from a post to FOUNTAIN PEN NETWORK)

We meet in the club house of Kibbutz Gaash just off t5he coastal road (Highway nbr 2) halfway between Tel Aviv and Netanya and meetings are from 0930-1200

,Great bunch of people here, very friendly and helpful and we have quite a representation on this and other pen boards. In fact Arabs and Jews started the art of calligraphy, writing, pens and inks with quill, hammer and stone ;-) so many centuries ago and continue to be active......

You are all cordially invited to join us at one of our monthly IPC Israel Pen Club meets. We at the IPC have a very active regular group of 50-100 aficionados who descend once a month on Kibbutz Ga'ash (located on the Mediterranean between Tel Aviv and Netanya) for our monthly meeting of show and tell, pen buying selling trading, hearing a lecture on pen related subject and members helping members with advice, nib tuning and repairs. A very pleasant friendly group of people, led by the keen and industrious chairman coordinator Yosi HaLevi.

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