"Pen Club"

The members of the London Pen Club have been meeting together for over a decade to enjoy, preserve and promote the usage of fountain pens.

The first golden age of the fountain pen was the 1920's through until the 1950's. The second golden age of the fountain pen began in the 1990's and is continuing today. Collectors are not only using pens from that earlier era but are eagerly buying the great new pens that are flowing from manufacturers worldwide.

We are part of those enjoying collecting the pens of that earlier era and accumulating those of the second golden era of the fountain pen.

... and the London Pen Club meets weekly to not only share our enjoyment of fountain pen collecting. to share members knowledge of repairing those pens from that first golden age but to test the newest inks that are available, to enjoy the newest of pens, to report on the latest pen show visited and most of all to enjoy each other's company.

The London Pen Club has no formal organization, '"written rules or membership fees for that matter.

Anyone with an interest in writing instruments is extended an invitation to join us any Saturday morning. For directions - simply go to the Meetings Page.